TRV processing

Faster options for spouses and dependants

New measures to reunite family class applicants faster and provide work permits are now in place. Contact us for a consultation on WhatsApp.
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ndividuals sponsored by their spouses or family members to come to  Canada as permanent residents will receive much faster service for processing a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) to travel to Canada. This comes  after recent changes announced by the Government of Canada. Newly implemented measures benefit those sponsored by their Canadian resident or Canadian citizen spouses and by family members, if they were outside Canada at the time their application was submitted. If your application is already in the system, here is what you may want to do now to reunite with your family member:

  • Apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV) to travel to Canada to be with the spouse while a permanent resident application is processed;
  • Apply for an open work permit (OWP), once in Canada, and integrate into the workforce while an application for permanent residence is processed.

Faster service standard

TRV applications of spouses will be processed within 30 days. To expedite the processing of work permits of spouses and dependents who are already in Canada, the the promise is for processing to be completed within 60 days of submission. Processing of both applications (consecutively) is expected to take approximately three months to complete.

Once an (outside Canada) spousal or family class application has been submitted, a TRV application can immediately be submitted. When the principal applicant has received a  visitor visa, and has arrived in Canada, an open work permit can then be submitted. IRCC’s service standard for finalizing spousal application processing is 12 months.

What has changed?

Previously, individuals living outside Canada at the time of their sponsorship by their spouses and family members remained in their country of residence until they were granted permanent residence. Even though sponsored individuals were eligible to apply for a TRV while they waited for their final decision, the approval rate for such applications was very low. Also, applying for an OWP was only available to sponsored spouses if they were already living in Canada and even then, it was not possible until the first stage in the processing of their application was finalized and the approval in principle letter was issued.

Why the change was made

The newly implemented measures strengthen existing measures to reunite family members faster. The measures  also address labour shortages in Canada by broadening the eligibility factor for OWP applicants. Those eligible for a TRV and an OWP under the spousal pathway, include dependents of the principal applicant. When an application for permanent residence has been submitted under the family class reunification program, either an open work permit application may be submitted by the sponsored party and eligible dependents from within Canada, or a TRV may be submitted by the sponsored party and dependents that are outside Canada.

New processing tools

The increased efficiency level and increased approval rate for spousal TRV applications stems from the implementation and  use of new and dedicated processing tools by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for such applications. The streamlining  and processing of information  submitted by applicants in their applications means  that the processing time of TRVs now averages 30 days, with an approval rate of around 93 percent.

Who can be sponsored

If you are a citizen of Canada with a child who was born outside Canada, your child may already be a citizen, and therefore cannot be sponsored.  Contact us for help to determine the status of your child, and to determine whether or not sponsorship is necessary.

Spouses: A permanent resident or citizen of Canada can sponsor his or her spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner to come to Canada as a permanent resident.

Dependants:  Children who are under the age of 22 and are either unmarried  or not in a common-law relationship and whose parents are  either permanent residents or citizens can be sponsored.  If a dependent child is over 22 years old, there must be evidence that the child is dependent on the parents for financial support because of a mental or physical disability.  It must also be established that the financial support started before the age of 22 and is ongoing.


Guyana ad

We are in Invest Guyana magazine

Upper Canada Immigration Invest Guyana ad 2023
See the 2023 edition of Invest Guyana for our ad offering to assist Guyana businesses needing to build their business in Guyana. Photo credit: Sean Pollock on Unsplash.

uyana is on a roll! There’s oil, gold and other minerals to extract and build prosperity for Guyana’s smart and dynamic people. It’s been a long time coming, and the country deserves its new prosperity. The Government of Guyana each year publishes a magazine called Invest Guyana, mostly for a business audience. Each year, Upper Canada Immigration Consultants do more work with individuals and businesses in Guyana. In 2023, we choose to invest in an ad in Invest Guyana to see if more Guyana businesses need help getting their people to Canada to raise investment capital, meet suppliers, attend conferences, get staff and students educated and even take a holiday in Canada. Click or tap the image opposite for a full-size copy of our ad.

Get more information on this web site about how we can help businesses in Guyana build stronger and bigger businesses by coming to Canada. The Toronto Stock Exchange is where leading resource developers raise equity capital. Canada is among the world’s leading centres for mining and resource extraction. Many of the services your business may need can be found in Ontario, also home to one of the world’s largest expatriate Guyana populations.

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The real deal

CICC consultants are the genuine article


mmigration Consultants like me handle issues that change people’s lives. Helping people qualify to come to Canada, and settle here, is a service that is complex, difficult, takes continuous ongoing training on my part, and takes time. That makes it, by definition, expensive. My clients may do this process once in their lives. For most of them, our fees represent an amount of money they don’t hand out daily. We do this work all the time, do it well, and do it correctly.

Andrea Seepersaud’s qualifications

  • Member: College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) #R515545;
  • Member: Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) #R19147;
  • License: Foreign Worker Recruiter and Immigration Services Act, Province of Saskatchewan #00581;
  • Commissioner: Affidavits and Oaths, Province of Ontario.

Sometimes, people ask if dealing with a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant brings with it any form of success ‘guarantee.’ I answer that occasional question on this web site. Click or touch here. There are only about 4,600 licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants, as of the end of 2022. I am one of them. At Upper Canada Immigration Consultants, we stick to the law, treat our clients fairly, and deliver value for money to serious people.

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Faster Service

Connecting with UK folks

U.K. and Canada
New Canadians from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have an easy time integrating into Canadian life.

pper Canada Immigration Consultants is doing an outreach to folks in parts of the United Kingdom this spring. Perhaps you saw our information on Facebook, in our e-newsletter, or on this web site, and you are wondering what to do next. If you are from the UK, please read this page first. It has lots of handy tips and sound advice for people seriously considering emigrating to Canada.

Call us via WhatsApp or by phone. The sound of a human voice is always best. For your initial consultation, we can arrange a telephone (or Skype or WhatsApp) appointment for a detailed discussion. Because of the time zone difference, mid-evening UK time is still in the midst of the working day in Ontario. If you are in Canada, or plan to come for a visit, we can meet with you. Here is how you can help us work with you:

Please complete these steps before calling us

1. Tell us who you are, and where you live
Please complete this on-line form. This also gets you our periodic e-newsletter. Nobody else ever sees your contact information.
2. Tell us about your situation
Please complete this on-line form. This web form describes your situation, and enables our consultant to gain insight into what you may need us to do for you.
3. Need to send a message, or add an explanation?
Our web site is a treasure trove of free information for you. It also offers you a way to write us a short message. For example, you could advise us that you had just filled out the two forms above. Click or touch here to send a message.

What happens after that?

Our staff will assemble your information, and contact you. We will need to know about your academic or trade background and your qualifications and experience. If you have raised a question in a message to us, we can respond briefly, and offer you an introductory consultation. This does not cost you anything, and lasts a short time.

  • When (or if) it looks as if your inquiry has substance and merit, your consultant will lay out a path for you. At this point, you become a paying client of Upper Canada Immigration Consultants;
  • After your initial consultation, we follow up with an Engagement Letter if your case would benefit from our services.
  • Once we have agreed to work together, a Retainer Agreement will detail  the scope of  our services, the terms of your billing and a tentative timeline. From then onward, you are our client, and  we are working on your behalf.

Making Payment

Seminar week Guyana update

  It is happening!   It is encouraging to see how many people have booked an appointment to discuss their eligibility to come to Canada. We are in Guyana now. We have reached our full capacity for appointment times to discuss eligibility to come to Canada with serious prospects. We are adding requests to our wait list. Sales of tickets to attend one of the two Information Seminars ceased on Sunday evening.

We have now booked all our 30-minute personal meeting appointments, and have been substituting people who had booked meetings, but had not paid their invoice. If you have requested a meeting, and been invoiced, please pay your invoice to avoid losing your appointment. See the most recent e-mail from Upper Canada Immigration Consultants to those on our list.


Cash Payments

I received a message from the Regency Suites hotel in Guyana. Staff there  informed us of an issue we had not previously encountered. A few people had called the hotel to ask if they could pay the hotel for the seminar admission, either in advance or on the day of the seminar.

Let’s start from basics:

  • Upper Canada Immigration really does exist;
  • We are really coming to Guyana;
  • We are actually staying at the Regency Suites, and hosting some participants at two seminar sessions, and in-person meetings;
  • The Seminars are on March 6th. If you do not have a ticket, please show up 60 minutes in advance to purchase your ticket. We know who, by name, is coming, and how many attendees to expect.

It is neither fair nor realistic to ask a hotel to assume the responsibility for payments by you to us. And we cannot in conscience ask the hotel to handle and account for cash that has nothing to do with their hotel business. The response to the ‘pay-the-hotel’ question is a gentle, but firm no.

The confidence and ability to intelligently use credit is essential in coming to Canada, either for a visit, or to settle in Canada. So is the ability and willingness to make and keep a commitment in advance. Do not be reluctant to move away from a cash economy. A move to a first-world nation means using a credit card wisely is essential.

Register with your debit or credit card

Some of the people who attend the seminars and/or meet with us will be both eligible to come to Canada, and interested in beginning or continuing the process.

Our on-line registration provider, Eventbrite, is safe and secure. It is reputable and stable. We don’t see your credit card, or your card number. We don’t want to. You have a record of payment, and we have an accurate attendee list. Eventbrite is used worldwide by many businesses and clubs. If you wish, you too can get an Eventbrite account (free), and use it to organize events of your own in Guyana. See the software we use at Upper Canada Immigration.

If you are eligible to come to Canada, and work with us, you will be sharing some of your life’s foundation documents: passport; life history; education; birth and marriage records and so on. You’ll be making some serious decisions after speaking with our firm to make the journey to Canada happen.

If you have a credit or debit card, you can click the button above with confidence. There are no other fees or charges to you. Other attendees who have arranged to meet with us in Guyana have already purchased their tickets.

  • If you don’t have a credit card, use your bank or debit card. Ask someone in your family, or a friend you trust to help you;
  • Our discussions with the Trade Commissioner at the Canadian High Commission in Georgetown confirmed that some Caribbean-issued credit cards have difficulty with some North American payments systems;
  • If you have difficulty using a credit card, try a debit card. Our attendees have had no difficulty when they have used a debit card;
  • We respectfully suggest that you consider opening a PayPal account. You can use it perfectly to pay us. PayPal is worldwide in scope, safe, secure and used by millions of sellers and buyers alike.

Sooner or later in life, you are going to need a bank card and/or credit card. Maybe this is a good time to get one. Or to use the one you have. We have the hotel room for just two seminar sessions. When the tickets are gone, they are gone.  Those who meet with us, or attend the seminar, and feel they are eligible to come to Canada may wish to work with Upper Canada Immigration Consultants to apply.