USA to Canada

Coming from America

The United States is one of the top ten countries in the world from which people emigrate to Canada.

ach year, for most of the past decade, about 20,000 U.S. citizens leave America to join their fellow former countrymen in Canada. Ultimately, the choice to leave the United States, or stay in America, rests with each American citizen of legal age.

To paraphrase former President Ronald Reagan, do you think you will be better off four years from now?  Will it be easier for you to go and buy things in the stores four years from now? Will there be more or less unemployment in the country four years from now? Will America be as respected throughout the world four years from now?

Upper Canada Immigration Consultants is a registered, practicing Canadian immigration consulting practice. If you are a United States citizen, and have crossed the border in your mind, and chosen to leave America, we may be able to assist you in immigrating to Canada and getting your life re-started.

Reality check

  • It isn’t fair to assert that moving to Canada and re-starting your life here is easy. It isn’t. The move is difficult, expensive and by definition, life-changing;
  • Leaving the land, the culture, values and traditions of your birth is something you need to think long and hard about. Canada is a great deal more than a nation of unarmed Americans with health care;
  • Do you have a reasonable prospect of finding a job in Canada? Or of moving a company you own that can employ Canadians north to Canada? Are your skills and experience in demand in Canada?
  • The process and paperwork to move to Canada are nothing like the nearly effortless ease with which Canadians and Americans visit one another, and do business across the border. It is expensive, and takes time and patience. Coming to Canada is no temporary refuge. It is for keeps. Forever. Not because you can’t go back, which you can, but because after a few years of living in Canada, our multicultural mosaic absorbs you even more efficiently and thoroughly than the U.S. melting pot.

We had to state those things above. Americans are a proud and smart people, who respect it when folks just level with them.

If you want Upper Canada Immigration Consultants to assist you in coming to Canada, we will. But be prepared to work hard to provide us with the evidence and documentation we will require to develop a strong and convincing case for you. Along the way we  need to know and feel that this is the right move, for the right reasons, for you and your family.  You will find that we are helpful and understanding, not to mention  knowledgeable on  Canadian immigration processes and proceedings. With all of our clients, we work to establish a relationship of mutual trust and respect, making it  the cornerstone of our  services.

Still interested in immigration?

Okay. Canada is almost certain to welcome someone like you and your family members (if you’re all coming) with open arms. The odds are overwhelming that if you have thought it through, come to terms with the decision, and make this northern leap of faith, you won’t go back, except as a visitor with a Canadian passport in hand. Canada provides all new immigrants access to settlement and integration services free of cost. These include job search, employment preparation, career bridging  and mentoring programs for those wanting to re-start their careers in Canada.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of Canada, and look at what immigration involves. Click the links below to get started:

Common Questions & Answers

The skilled trades

Examples might be an industrial electrician; heavy equipment mechanic, auto body painter and welder;  power systems engineer; construction trades person; medical laboratory technologist; landscape and horticultural technician and specialist; household and industrial electronic service technician; industrial instrument technician and mechanic; meat cutters; cooks; chefs; cabinet makers; machinists and so on. The list is extensive, and if you can answer, “Yeah, I do something like that,” you may be a good candidate to come to Canada.

If you are experienced and trained in a regulated trade, and you have your license to practice in the United States, you need to have your credentials assessed in one or more Canadian provinces, and get permission to challenge the provincial exam to gain a certificate of qualification ( C of Q). Once you get your C of Q, you are a big step toward coming to Canada.

You need to check with us to determine whether your trade requires an exam to be written to obtain a certificate. Just like the individual states, Canadian provinces have an array of rules, and differing needs. You need to work with us to get your documents assessed. If you are a U.S. citizen, or legally living in the USA, and you are a skilled journey person or trades person, you can come to Canada, and write the exams. As well, you will need to achieve a minimum score on a Canadian language proficiency test. There is more to it, of course, but if the above scenario fits you, you ought to contact us.

Regulated professions

You must first be legally entitled to live and work in Canada before you can attempt to become a member of a regulatory body in Canada, or provincial or territorial authority to practice your profession. Your best gateway to Canada is through the Express Entry system. To get into the Express Entry system, you’ll need to pass an English (or French) language proficiency test, and have a credential assessment of your academic certificates.

We will help you arrange the assessments. The tests are available across the United States, and we’ll help you arrange to get to where the test is given. Upper Canada Immigration will help you focus on the right steps, in the right order, in the minimum amount of time. If you are serious, time is money, and the money you spend with us will get you to Canada in as little time as you are eligible, assuming you work with us on a plan, and work your end of that plan.

Lacking legal status in the USA

If you are living in the United States, and you are probably not going to achieve legal status in the near future, you likely need to return to your country of origin, and pursue coming to Canada from the country in which you have legal status (i.e. you are a citizen there). It is impossible to apply to come to Canada if you lack legal status in the country from which you are applying, in this case the United States.

This doesn’t mean you cannot come to Canada. It does mean that you need to apply from a country in which you are legally entitled to reside. You need to have a specific plan, and apply from your home country. If you are deported, you face serious problems in ever coming to Canada. You need to call us and start the dialogue.

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