The apps we use to serve you


ne of the most important things good businesses learn is when not to re-invent the wheel. Our business at Upper Canada Immigration Consultants is to help professionals, trades, students and business people locate to Canada. It is not to develop software. We use the same software you could use if you wanted to, or needed to. In fact, some of the software, all free to join, are probably applications many people should use, even if occasionally, to help you do things better. If you want to be more comfortable with some of the apps we use, sign up for a free account by clicking the app name in the  title below, and try using some or all of them yourself!

WordPress – our web site
Today, nearly half of all the sites on the worldwide web use an open source web app called WordPress. The WordPress software is simple, powerful, flexible and can be adapted to just about anything. You can get a free account and use it yourself for personal, academic, club or small business purposes.
PayPal – our payment method
For transferring money and making and accepting payments, we use more than one source. The global acceptance and popularity (especially on sites such as eBay) of PayPal makes it one of the ways that the people we represent prefer to pay. As PayPal is inexpensive to use, and allows you to use your own PayPal account or a credit card, that’s just fine with us.
Eventbrite – our ticket and attendance management tool
Managing attendance at in-person and virtual events can be (and usually is) time-consuming, difficult, complex and expensive. After a little testing, we were impressed with how powerful, flexible and economical Eventbrite was. It does everything we and our clients, and those who wish to be our clients, need it to do.
MailChimp – our e-mail list manager
No responsible business ever wants its messages to be unwelcome or unwanted. To enable people to voluntarily opt in to our communications and keep in touch with us, and also to enable people to opt out of our messages, we use MailChimp to perform such functions as managing our lists; cleaning out invalid records; and tracking results of e-mail campaigns.

You too can use these same software tools in your personal and business life.