Want to build Guyana business in Canada?

Upper Canada Immigration Invest Guyana ad 2023
See the 2023 edition of Invest Guyana for our ad offering to assist Guyana businesses needing to build their business in Guyana.

pper Canada Immigration Consultants is based in Ontario, Canada’s most prosperous and populous Province, and its industrial, commercial and cultural heartland. It is also the place where expatriate Guyanese can find a piece of Guyana among the many thousands of Guyanese-Canadians who now call Ontario home.

I visit the Caribbean, including my homeland of Guyana from time to time. While also reconnecting with family and friends, I always make time to meet with people interested in talking to me about coming to Canada.

Guyana has become a global resource and energy development centre. It’s an exciting time to run a business in Guyana. And there are times when you need to take your business on the road. Canada is where resource industries come to find investment capital; make key contacts; do business with suppliers and buyers; and find or educate talent. Check out our ad opposite in the 2023 Invest Guyana magazine. Click or tap the picture for a full-size copy.

My own journey to Canada began in Guyana, the land of my birth. I have been in Canada for 35 years. After a fulfilling career  as the Executive Director of  a federally- and provincially-funded agency dedicated to the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees into Canada, I now practice  as a  Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). This web site represents my consulting firm, Upper Canada Immigration Consultants which operates under the laws of Ontario and the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

Andrea Seepersaud, RCIC

Getting help growing your Guyana business in Canada

Here are the services that Guyana-based business most frequently approach us to get assistance:

  • Business visa – required to make short visits to Canada to purchase equipment and supplies; meet distributors; engage support services; establish an office or Canadian presence for your company etc.;
  • Visitor visa – multiple-entries into Canada for leisure, tourism, attend special events, meetings, conferences and exploratory visits;
  • Study permit – required for: academic, training and professional development courses exceeding six months of continuous in-class participation.

Get more help

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