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ood-quality information ought to be brought together. Here it is! We have assembled some of the external links on our site, as well as those of other useful sites for prospective newcomers, visitors, students and investors in Canada. Many of the external links on this site are indexed here for your convenience. As well, our e-newsletters are listed below. If you became a recent subscriber, you can read the back issues by clicking the links below.

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Our periodic e-newsletters go out four to six times per year to our friends, clients and people who wish to be kept up-to-date in case they are considering a move to Canada. Click here to subscribe if you are not receiving our e-newsletter, or to update your contact information if they are on our list. The links below show you past issues of our e-newsletter, and the principal subjects they cover.

  • February 2019: Guyana visit 2019; Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot; global population trends; coming to Canada;
  • Christmas and New Year’s 2018-19: Christmas greetings; holiday season working hours; about Christmas in Canada;
  • August 2018: Express Entry; Canadian immigration targets; coming to Canada from the USA; updating your contact info;
  • March 2018: Why ICCRC-regulated immigration consultants are important; visa lottery immigration scam;
  • January 2018: How to keep your contact information with us up-to-date;
  • Autumn 2017: Why the coveted Invitation to Apply starts a crucial clock ticking, and what to do about it;

Interesting information

CICC Consultants are the genuine article
Upper Canada Immigration Consultants and its people are regulated by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. CICC is the national regulatory body that oversees regulated Canadian immigration professionals. This video tells you about how a regulated consultant is trained and works.
Don’t Panic! Hans Rosling showing the facts about population
The late Hans Rosling, in his signature presentation, explains where the world’s population is, how it is growing, and what to expect in the 21st century. It is a superb presentation, and required viewing for anyone on the move in the world.
Fifteen great smaller centres in Ontario
The Government of Canada has a program to attract newcomers to Canada to smaller Canadian cities and towns where population and skills may be scarce. These smaller centres are often just gorgeous! Have a look at a few such places, all within a short drive of Canada’s metropolis of Toronto.
The 2019 Freedom Report
Next to the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland, who got a perfect score of 100 out of 100, Canada and Netherlands were tied for second at 99 of 100 points in the 2019 Freedom Index. The United States, at 86 of 100 points, is far down the list. Lots of interesting reading in this world report. See how your own country of origin was rated.