Success guarantee?

The ‘guarantee’ question

Be wary of guarantees
No immigration practitioner can honestly offer a success guarantee to anyone on obtaining immigration status through Canada’s immigration programs. We will adhere to Canadian law, charge and remit all required fees, and give you the best chance we can in your unique situation.

mmigration Consultants handle issues that change their clients’ lives. This is a service that is complex, difficult, takes continuous ongoing training by the consultant, and takes time. That makes it, by definition, expensive. My clients do this process once in their lives. For most of them, our fees represent an amount of money they don’t hand out daily.

From time to time, a person will ask us if Upper Canada Immigration Consultants will “guarantee” them success coming to Canada if they retain our firm.

Let us summarize the “guarantee” question this way: anyone who offers you a 100 percent “guarantee” is almost certainly selling a 100 percent certain scam, fraud, counterfeit visa, or bogus set of documents. You can be 100 percent certain that once you part with your money, you won’t get anything of value.

What can you be certain of once you become a fee-paying client of Upper Canada Immigration Consultants?

  • We deal with you fairly, courteously and honestly. We follow Canadian law to the letter;
  • We charge (and remit) all applicable fees and taxes that apply to your application and our services, and fully account for your money according to the rules and regulations of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. In other words, nothing is ‘under-the-table,’ and everything is clear, above-board and legal;
  • Ultimately, the success of your application to be able to visit Canada, work in Canada, do business in Canada; or study in Canada depends on the quality of what you bring to the application.

Canada’s immigration programs, in addition to embracing concepts of family reunification and refugee protection, respond to identified economic and demographic needs of the country. A competent and skilled practitioner knows the rules, the law, the programs and the regulations that govern application submission and visa issuance. Anyone offering you a ‘guarantee’ on obtaining a visa or a permit is a likely planning to scam you, and cheat you out of your hard-earned money in exchange for a worthless piece of paper that looks like the real thing.

The value of what we do

Most people retain Upper Canada Immigration Consultants to prepare and submit an application to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). We charge professional fees for the time and expertise it takes to work with you to produce those documents. If your application documents on any proceeding, under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) are complete, accurate and truthful, and clearly presented, you have a better chance of success.

The immigration process is a rigorous system, where:

  • An application is first checked for completeness;
  • A background check is performed;
  • Information is verified through international information sharing agreements;
  • An examination is performed;
  • Original documents are submitted;
  • Other checks as the case requires are performed.

No immigration practitioner can honestly offer a success guarantee to anyone on obtaining immigration status through Canada’s immigration programs. They can, and should, offer you their track record, and ability to fulfill an obligation detailed in a Retainer Agreement. They may be comfortable to advise you on the possibility of succeeding in terms of percentage. But nobody can ethically provide a guarantee of success.

What I absolutely uphold is my integrity as an applicant’s Appointed Authorized Representative to competently and skillfully present a comprehensive case to the visa officer for review and final decision. I do not accept all cases that clients bring to me. To help me decide on my next steps, I perform an individualized evaluation to determine the chances of succeeding. My decision is ultimately based on the client’s ability to provide me with evidence and support documentation, and of course in many cases, how genuine is the story I am being told.

Our professional fees are based on the amount of work, over the length of time it takes, to prepare and submit an application package for processing. Our fees do not depend on the outcome of the application. Bound by regulations of the federally appointed regulatory body, our professional fees are neither refundable for failed immigration cases, nor can they to be paid on a contingency basis.

The process of becoming a regulated immigration consultant is rigorous. The threshold for competency is high and the ongoing requirements to maintain the designation are strict. There are only about 4,600 individuals qualified to use the RCIC letters behind their name in all of Canada. I am one of them.

Andrea Seepersaud
Upper Canada Immigration Consultants

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To inform you about the danger of engaging a cheap, fraudulent, illegal purveyor of “immigration services”, and to help you appreciate the work we do and the rationale for retaining professional services of a Regulated Immigration Consultant like myself, please watch this short video. It was released by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) in 2022.