Information Seminar and Q & A


pper Canada Immigration Consultants offers an Information Seminar, including a presentation and time for questions and discussion. This seminar is an opportunity  for participants to ask candid questions about doing business in Canada, immigration, visiting Canada, and studying in Canada.

  • Organizations such as churches, mosques, Mandirs, community agencies, ethnic and business associations and other clubs may contact us to sponsor or arrange for a seminar for their members;
  • On location, at public Information Seminars hosted by Upper Canada Immigration Consultants, there is a nominal cost to attend. When presented by Upper Canada Immigration Consultants on our foreign tour, participants who retain us represent them in an application process aimed at coming to Canada, receive a credit of twice their attendance fee.

Seminar Agenda


  • Please bring your ticket with you to the event. It is your admission, and proof of registration;
  • Registration begins 30 minutes before your seminar start time. It goes much faster if you have your ticket ready when you arrive;
  • Coffee, tea and water will be available.

Segment One (40 minutes)

  • Welcome and overview of immigration programs to Canada;
  • Study permits and visitor visas;
  • Over-staying, violating the terms of your permit;
  • Questions and discussion;
  • Five-minute break.

Segment Two (40 minutes)

  • Economic class programs, including skilled workers, trades, caregivers; medical professions, business people;
  • Questions and discussion;
  • Five-minute break.

Segment Three (40 minutes)

  • Family-class sponsorships, including spousal sponsorships, dependents and appeals;
    Refugee claims;
  • Problems and how to avoid them: fraudulent marriages, legal issues;
  • Deportation, departure, and removal orders;
  • Questions and discussion;
  • Adjournment.

Sponsoring an Information Seminar

The Information Seminars are a great way to assist a club or community with solid advice on how to understand issues related to coming to Canada: to study; on a visit; to do business; or to live. Let us work with you on arranging a suitable location, or using facilities you have on-site.

  • Your number of attendees should range between 15 and about 40. For more than that, we suggest holding additional seminars at different times, or on different days;
  • As the sponsor, you will assume the cost (if any) of the location, and for refreshments. It works best to keep it simple, and to use a small room, rather than a space that may be too large;
  • If you wish to incorporate the Information Session into a part of a larger gathering or conference, contact us and discuss it;
  • We will work with you to use your existing communications channels to your members to promote the event. We suggest a ticketed event, even when attendance is free. This allows us to estimate attendance;
  • For more information, contact Andrea Seepersaud at (647) 988-3846.

Attending a public Information Seminar

On-location, Upper Canada Immigration Consultants hosts Information Sessions. We charge a nominal fee to recover the costs of hosting the event. You can now reserve your seat for an Information Seminars on-line. You can pay by credit card, or use a Paypal account if you have one. Please note:

  • When Upper Canada Immigration Consultants visits, there is an enormous amount of interest in the Information Seminars. We suggest buying your ticket early;
  • The Information Seminars normally run in the afternoon and/or evening. Each seminar lasts two hours.
  • Once the capacity of the room has been reached, there will be no more seats available for that session;
  • Once you have purchased your ticket on-line, please print it out, and remember to bring the printed ticket with you. Our traditional Caribbean relaxed attitude toward time is suspended for seminars. We start and end on the tick of the clock. Please arrive a little early;
  • When you receive and print your ticket after your purchase, you will have the date, time, location and agenda of the meeting.

Based on the many questions and issues readers of the Upper Canada Immigration Facebook Page and this web site have brought forward, we have a good idea of what you’d like to talk about. We leave lots of time for questions during the sessions as well.

Frequently-Asked Questions during public sessions

Can I bring someone to pay at the door?

Seminars are ticketed events. Only those with a pre-registration ticket will be admitted. Registration closes 24 hours before the seminar starts. It is just like a movie: one ticket per person. If you don’t have an e-mail address or a credit card, please ask someone you know to help you purchase this ticket.

Can I discuss a specific problem at the session?

We won’t (indeed can’t) resolve individual problems during the Information Seminars. You’ll need to retain us to represent you. And clearly, it is not a good idea for privacy reasons to discuss your issues in an open forum. It costs money to retain Upper Canada Immigration Consultants. However, you can e-mail Andrea Seepersaud with an issue that concerns you, and we’ll try and discuss it during the Seminar, to the degree that the issue would assist the other attendees present.

What can I bring into the event?

You may want to bring in a pad and pen to take notes.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Is there anything I can’t do?

These should be obvious…
• You can’t bring in food. Our locations are normally a hotel;
• You can’t bring in a guest. One person per ticket;
• You can’t record the event, or take pictures during the presentation;
• You can’t attend multiple seminars on the same ticket.