EduNational Canada Inc.

Predecessor company to Upper Canada Immigration


etween 2012 and 2016, EduNational Canada Inc. operated in the Province of Ontario, serving families of students in Ontario. The programs then offered by EduNational assisted students to choose the correct high school courses or post-secondary program to fulfill a career path identified, or refined, through comprehensive assessments, and personal career planning coaching.

During this time, EduNational periodically partnered with specific industry sectors on special collaborative initiatives, such as science education. EduNational had (and has) no connection or affiliation with any other company offering services in Canada or abroad.

In 2016, EduNational changed its line of business, and the type of clients it served, re-branding itself as Upper Canada Immigration Consultants. Since 2016, Upper Canada Immigration Consultants has served prospective newcomers to Canada.  EduNational Canada no longer conducts business directly. It acts as the holding company for Upper Canada Immigration Consultants.

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